Monday, December 17, 2007

Christmas Traditions/Remembering those who are gone

Ok So I know that may sound like a funny title.. But it does have a meaning for me. I was thinking about different family traditions and all the things that happen during the holidays. Most of the time I am all for getting over with them. However I do have a few moments of reflection, especially since my dad passed away on Christmas Eve morning in 2004. Most of the time I can think of him and be just fine, other times I get pretty emotional. Especially around the anniversary of his passing. One thing that helps me cope with him being gone is continuing a special breakfast that he made quite often. Usually when we would all be together for some reason or another or sometimes just because. The recipe sounds crazy and when I tell people about this special breakfast, the looks are ones of " you must be cookoo" etc. The breakfast is called Chocolate Gravy and Biscuits. Yes you read correctly. Now I know what your thinking. But dont knock it till you try it. Someone in my dad's family way back figured this fantastic way to have chocolate for breakfast. Any how back to traditions. Now on Christmas Eve morning I make chocolate gravy and biscuits for my family. A conversation about my dad usually is included. The kids can talk about memories or just listen to mine. I miss my dad alot. Somedays it still feels sureal that he is gone. I have pictures of him in my living room and in my office. My mom gets a little put out that he is the only parent I have pictures up. I just tell her when she dies I will do the same for her. Its not that I dont love my mom or even my step mom. I have just always been closer to my dad. He has had a HUGE impact on my life. Ok so anyway what are some of your traditions that you have started or continued now that you have your own family etc? I would love to hear them. Also I hope all who read this have a Happy Holiday surrounded by loved ones. And if loved ones are far away or gone... I hope you have some special way of feeling close to them and remembering them.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

One Month Old

WOW!! Time flies! Brennan is already a month old! Yes he is still little but I can see such a difference already. I wish there was a magic button to put babies on hold. It is so sad how fast time goes by. I am torn by my feelings about having him get older. I am excited to see what he will look like. I love it when they start to respond to being talked to and smiled at. I especially love to hear the baby chatter. Such sweet little sounds. It always seems they have such an amazing story to tell. Perhaps its why they cant talk for a few years. I like to believe the veil is very thin for them when they first arrive here. After all they are perfect. It is also fun to see their personality come out more and more. Also that thing called sleep isnt so fleeting. However, as they grow they are not as easy to carry around. I always miss holding them when they are all tucked into themselves. Outside influences start to emerge. Some not so great... Like saying "no" etc. Oh yes and then the potty training ugh!!! Well atleast until its learned. Then that is a positive. I love snuggling with my babies. I love how helpless they are. It makes me feel so important. Funny I know. I love the fact that they are so reliant upon me, especially when it comes to feeding them. It is the most amazing time. Especially when they just gaze up at me.
Ok you get the point I know. I am not sure how I will ever fill "done". It is the most wonderful gift in the world to be able to carry these sweet little spirits, bring them into the world (especially when you have an amazing husband) It just never gets old. Even after 4 kids. Not having any more children also means a new phase in life! Yikes Im really not sure Im ready for that. How can you ever know if you are totally done. Or I should say if God agrees with you that you are done? What if one partner says without a doubt you are done but the other just cant say that? So many feelings and emotions. Thankfully I still get to enjoy my sweet little one for a little while before I really have to make a decision!! And I do enjoy 99% of my time with him. That sleep thing is missed but will happen soon enough!!

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Sleep deprivation

It has been about 3 weeks since I posted my last blog. I have had a few comments about the fact I dont have recent pictures of Brennan. Babies change so quickly. I have a goal this week to get some new shots posted( I still have to take some lol). Brennan is a fantastic sleeper during the day. I cant even get him to nurse more than maybe 8 minutes on one side before he is out. However at night he is a completely different little boy. Sooo fussy!!! I understand the waking up often etc. Hello I have 3 other children. But Brennan falls asleep at about 9:30 or 10 and sleeps for about 2.5 hours,( 3 on very rare occasions) then stays awake for about 4-5 hrs. I nurse him continually during this time. He may fall asleep for about 15-20 minutes but the minute I put him down, he starts to fuss and cry. UGH!! I am so tired. This will continue until about 5 or 6 am then I feed and change him and he will fall alseep for about 1.5 -2 hrs then wake up in time for the kids to go off to school, I feed him again and he will fall asleep at about 9 am and sleep for 3 hrs!!! What is going on is lost on me!! I have read that about 2-3 weeks babies can become colic. I have never had a baby with colic. But apparently Drs dont know what causes it, or what cures it. It can happen only at night or 24 hrs a day. And then about 3 months it disappears! I hope Brennan does not have night colic. I am struggling to manage during the day as it is. Thankfully I only have him at home during the day so I can take advantage of his sleepy day. It is the only thing that is keeping me sane. I have decided, looking back at the pregnancy, the awful delivery and now this new challenge, that Brennan is allowing me to experience all the things I did not get to deal with with the other 3 kids!!! Isnt that sweet of him!! LOL.
I must say that even with all the exciting nights, I am so glad I have this sweet little man!! What a blessing babies are, even with all the struggles! It still amazes me that even with 4 kids I am still shocked at the love I feel when I look at each of them. Ok time to go catch up on some sleep. I hope everyone has a great day. Oh I do have some pictures of when we blessed Brennan. I will post them and then I will still work on getting some other shots.

Such a proud Daddy!!!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Introducing Brennan Challis

Brennan Donald Challis 6 lbs 9 oz, 20 in long. Ok here are the pics everyone has been asking for. I wish I could say delivery was short and sweet but only the short part would be true! After a short stay in nicu for Brennan and almost 2 liters of blood for me, it was not exactly what I expected. Brennan was born on Sat. November 10 at about 4AM after a very scary emergency c-section. I dont remember much except blood, blood and more blood! Sorry if that is gross but that is what you get when the placenta detaches from the uterus! Oh I also remember frantic Drs and nurses running around in a frenzy!! This was in between consciousness. Poor Mark got left completely out of it all in the room. But on a positive note we all came out of it rather well!! And HELLO could there be a more gorgeous boy!!!!

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

All up to baby!

Im still a 3!!!!!!!!GGRRRRRR! *sigh* And last week Brennan was further down. Well he decided to head back up! He is still head down but has returned to a high position! Little stinker! I did have my membranes stripped today! WOW that was way fun! NOT! But maybe it will start something! I told the dr to make me a 4 when he informed me I was a really strong 3. He laughed and looked at his nurse and said " OK your heard her, she wants to be a 4" and away he went! I really should have known that this pregnancy would not suddenly change its difficult course! That would be to easy! Maybe God is telling me this is it. NO more babies. I was kind of on the fence about maybe having one more. Im really starting to slip more to the side of "we're done!" Actually everything aside I really want him to come because he is apparently already 7.5 lbs or so! The size thing scares me! Babies who are born to moms with gestational diabetes usually have larger heads and wider shoulders. Other than that I can handle staying pregnant! So I guess we will see what this " not so little one " decides to do.

Wish me luck!!!!

Ok today is my dr appt. I am so hopeful that I end up in L&D today! LOL. I have been dilated to a 3 for over a week. Now I know as well as anyone ( I have done this 3 other times) that I could stay that way for awhile. There are some things on my side ie... This is my 4th ( things tend to go faster), I have been having contractions, and he has dropped. Most days I am fine with the fact I am still lugging this sweet thing around. He is feeling like he is going to be pretty good sized. Yikes! I am so excited to see him! Now I know this sounds like such a girl thing to say but... I really cant wait to see his clothes on him. LOL. Seriously. The clothes are so small and so cute. But I want to see some sort of form on them. If only I had a lifesize doll. Girls like to dress things, I cant seem to get past that. I am also so excited to see what he looks like. That has always been the hardest thing to wait for. I have the impression ( not to say I could be way off) but I have this idea that he will be more like the girls. Marks family is either blonde and fair (Challis line) or olive skin and dark hair etc(Austin side) Im thinking Austin side. Which is funny to me because I really would like him to be more on Caydens end of looks. Talia and Taylor look so much alike, I was hoping Cayden could share that with his brother. We shall see.
Well gotta run! Time to get ready to go see the dr!!!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

The "Joys" of Pregnancy

Wow! I am 34 weeks into my pregnancy today. The whole nesting thing is so kicking in! This weekend I did 3 normal size loads of laundry just for baby! His bassinet is set up. The swing and carseat have all been washed and are ready for him to enjoy them. I have been organizing all of his clothes. Mark has been working on Brennans room. The rest of the house, well Im maintaining it in between preparing for this sweet little boy. Im so excited to meet this little spirit. But I am also sad thinking that Im not going to be pregnant much longer. Pregnancy is such a happy/sad experience.
This feels so sereel to me. I am going to miss him bouncing around in my stomach. He is quite active right now. Having gestational diabetes has been a struggle but I am truly proud of myself. I have really stuck to eating well. I do miss cold cereal, and of course the carbs I so love. Jenny did a little blog on donuts and I really couldnt stay on her page for long. I really like glazed donuts, or raspberry filled. YUM. I have teased Mark that I have a list of food to eat the day that Brennan is born. #1 on my list is a chocolate cookie dough shake. Oh and orange chicken from Panda. There are a few more things but Im getting hungry thinking and typing about it. lol
The other subject I was thinking about today is a baby shower. Marks Grandma, ok our grandma, is having a shower for me on Saturday. Personally Im a little embarrassed. This is after all my 4th baby. I shared this with her and she agreed but added that is was the my 1st baby in this family. True, but still. LOL . Dont get me wrong, it is very sweet of them and honestly it is always nice to get even more help with baby items. I have requested gift cards only. I have clothes and all the equipment we will need for awhile. Plus diapers, formula etc are difficult, in my opinion, to buy ahead of time. I still feel a little silly about the shower but I am not going to argue with an 84 yr old grandma. LOL
Well my cute kids should be walking through the door at any moment.
Enjoy the day

Monday, October 8, 2007

Just checkin in

So I havent written in this blog for awhile, so I thought I would just post a few happenings in my life.
The kids are back in school, and seem to be doing well. Taylor needed to adjust a little to the "ll day" idea, but seems to be doing well. Her teacher is a total sweetie. And she is tall, skinny and way too cute. Seriously!
Cayden is doing so much better this year. Last year was a nightmare trying to figure what was going on with him. ADHD is not something fun to deal with. Drugs are not something we really wanted to put him on, but now I see the results and Im mostly happy with that decision. I really glad we caught it early on.
Talia is in th 8th grade!! YIKES. She is truly a teenager. I love her to pieces. Even in her oh so teenage attitude moments. Actually she is pretty great still. She and I really love spending time together. She is truly one of my best friends. However I still remind her that I am her mom first. She knows that if she wants certain things she still has to be respectful. She does fairly well in school. There are a few classes that she hates and the grade shows that. She does have this amazing talent at pulling them up, usually to A's, by the time the term ends. Kudos for that.
She gets stressed out about her grades, and about what our reactions will be as parents. I tell her that of course we love the higher grades, but the only person her grades are going to affect are her. Not that I dont talk to her about my concerns when they are not great grades, but lecturing her does not do any good in my opinion. I really like to look at different options with her on maybe what will be more affective for that subject. Getting extra help, changing attitude, focusing on new approaches etc. Getting lectured never helped me. I try to be assertive with her yet understanding. School was never my favorite place.
My pregnancy is progressing. Since the day I found out I had gestational diabetes, I have been ready to have Brennan. This is truly not like me. I usually am very romantic about pregnancy. I truly adore feeling the movements of the baby. I love to try and imagine what he will be like etc. The medication I am on makes me feel gross. Its frusturating. I truly have not been inlove with this pregnancy. I am very excited about meeting this new little spirit however. Who will he look like, what will his personality be etc. The meeting between my children and myself is so spritual to me. It seems they still glow from where they have come from. I have truly been blessed with wonderful, beautiful spirits. I am also looking forward to sharing this whole journey with Mark. He is my sweetheart. I still am amazed we, the children and myself, were lucky enough to have him in our lives.
Well its time to go get dinner going. Mark is home early today, so it will be a nice night together with the kids. We will of course be missing Talia. I treasure the times we are all together.

Monday, September 3, 2007

NO critical comments for 24 hrs.

Ok so my hubby and I are listening to Dr John Lunds talks on cd. They are really fun to listen to. Being this is my 3rd marriage, I am continually striving to strengthen our relationship. Now really we have a fantastic marriage. I fully intend to keep it that way. So the cd's are titled "For All Eternity" A four-talk set to Strengthen your Marriage. I highly recommend them to everyone. Dr Lund is so funny. And the suggestions that he talks about are really great.
He talks about owning your words. For example, for one week do not go off of body language, facial expressions, or tone of voice. Only go by what is said. If I had a crappy day, and Mark comes in and asks me how I am, and I say fine. Then Im fine. Even if my eyes are red from crying etc etc. I dont get to expect him to pry into why Ive been crying. He doesnt have to ask " are you sure you are ok?" I get to own my answer.
The one that we are going to work on now is no critical or negative comments for 24 hrs. This means no sarcasm, nothing. I cant drive and curse out the person ahead of me, I cant complain about how fat I feel being pregnant. I cannot put down anyone, including myself, for 24 hrs. Every time I do I have to start my 24 hrs over again. Now this also means non verbal. I cant give a dirty look and roll my eyes at my kids etc. If you think it but dont act on it, that is ok. As long as it is pushed out of your head.
He makes a comment about those who arent willing to try this. Or those that say " oh I could do that I just dont want to etc" how they are in the 2 minute club. I am determined not to be in that club. I am up for the challenge!
The hardest for me will be sarcasm. I was raised with sarcasm. I still feel there is a fine line to where it can be too much, but I do use it alot through out my day.
This whole thing is also something you can only rate yourself. No checking up on your partner. The honor code is in play.
So do you think you could do this? He said it took his wife 3 days. It took him 3 weeks! LOL. The car was the point that got him. I think that will the hardest part for me as well.
When I actually accomplish this I will let everyone know. Ive already had to start over twice! LOL. We started this last night at 10 pm. Sad I know! But I will do this! Oops I put myself down. Ok so I get to start over again. This will be a good thing for me!! Try this with me! See what you can accomplish.
Have a great day!!

Monday, August 27, 2007

Out of the mouth of babes!!! LOL

It never ceases to amaze me what my children say at times. Taylor, my youngest, is quite the card at times. Yesterday she had me rolling.
Once a month we head up to Highland to have dinner with Mark's family. While we were on the way the kids were eating a mexican candy called Pelon's. Its made with chili pepper but its also sweet. Pelon in spanish means bald. The candy is soft and it is a container that you push up and force the gooey substance through holes on the top of the container, Kind of like growing hair. So anyway way we arrive at my in-laws and proceed to talk etc with the rest of the family that is also there. About 20 minutes or so Taylor comes and sits by me on the couch. One of the kids at the house is the soon to be step daughter of Mark's youngest brother Don. She is darling and pretty shy around us because they havent been able to come to alot of the functions. SO I tell Taylor to go say hi to her. They are both in the 1st grade etc. Taylor gets really quiet and says that she doesnt want to. This is odd because she is usually very friendly. So I continue to try and convince her to go say hi. Taylor gets kind of withdrawn a little.So I ask her what is wrong. She says she just doesnt feel like it. I ask her if she is sure she is ok. This time she leans into my ear and asks me to go to the bathroom with her. Odd request. I ask her if she is hurt. Again she just wants me to go to the bathroom with her. I look at her and ask her what has happened. She now begs me to go to the bathroom. So I follow her to the bathroom.
Once there I ask her what is wrong and she opens her mouth to show me the empty spot where a tooth used to be. Totally shocked Im all excited for her and say"Taylor you lost a tooth!!!" To which she starts sobbing and says " and it wasnt even loose!!" Not quite the reaction I was expecting so I hug her trying to calm her down, tell Talia, who has now joined us to go get Mark. So the three of us are trying to calm this hysterical little girl. She finally tells us that she lost it in the car.THE CAR!!! By now it has been 30 min or so! Not a peep was made in the car! I am totally confused by now. Apparently when the candy cant be pushed through any more the kids use their teeth to pry the lid off the base so they can lick the rest of the candy off the push up part of the container. When Taylor did this it popped her tooth out! I cant believe she didnt even cry! What child takes 30 minutes to tell anyone her tooth popped out? Needless to say it did take her a little while to be convinced that she would be fine even though it wasnt really loose. And when the initial cry session was over she started to be a little excited. Thankfully Talia went out to the car and found her tooth, so the Tooth Fairy could bring her money.
Now after all this Im sure no one can even believe the story does not end there! After all this is Taylor we are talking about! For those of you who may not know her, she is quite unique in her thought process.
Ok so we get the kids tucked in to bed.Taylors tooth is safely snug under her pillow. She is excited about the tooth fairy as we turn off the light. After about 35 minutes Mark and I are in our bed chit chatting blah blah blah. Then we go to sleep!!! OOPS morning comes! I have totally forgotten about the Fairy! I only remembered because of the baby monitor we use because the kids room is at the complete opposite end of our house. Anyway Taylor is telling Cayden that the TF didnt come. I am so lame! Cayden is in her room helping her look for the $$$. Soon they come to my door and as soon as they are allowed in I am told the terrible tale of the missing TF. I said Im sure she came no worries, go eat your breakfast and I will look and try and find it. Taylor says her tooth is still there. I explain that the TF only takes the tooth is the parents dont want to save it and that she know I like to keep the teeth. Not a bad explanation! So the kids eat breakfast and I get up and proceed to grab a dollar out of my purse and head to Taylors room to "magically" find the $. Im thinking this will be the end of the issue and we can move on with our day! Silly me! After "finding" the $, and giving it to Taylor with the story of where it was found,Taylor starts to examine the dollar. She then looks at me and says "mom I dont think the TF gave me this money." why would you say that I ask. " mom are you tooth fairy?" I respond Well I guess you can believe that if you want, but why do you think that?" Then she proceeds to make a comment about the dollar which I didnt quite understand, something about she always gets a 1 with a one one. yah ok??? I ask her what the heck that means and she says never mind. But continues to examine the dollar and suddenly decided that the TF did give it to her because on the side of the dollar are two small pieces missing? HUH? and then and that it wasnt exactly the TF but Orgs? HUH? I ask who Orgs are..She tells me they help the TF out so it was actually Orgs who brought her the $. WOW WOW! The stories this girl can weave! I have never had any sort of concern over the TF from any of the other kids. She is one of a kind! I was getting a little concerned for a moment! The whole time I am trying not to laugh because of how serious she was taking this whole thing.
I know this was a long story but I just had to share! Kids are awesome! I wish I had an imagination like that. OH wait not I dont. I'd have to take pills for that! But it still is fun to hear their stories!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

So Cool!

Ok so I got my printer. And it is way cool!! The difference is huge! I feel so professional now! I cant find enough things to print. Its like a new toy for me. Photography is not a cheap thing to get into. There is ALWAYS more to buy. I think Im ready and BAM, I see something else, or a new product comes out. So really I will never be done. I will never have enough. Because there will always be new and improved! Now I can see why "boys" are always wanting more toys to play with. lol. Ok I need to go print some more pictures.hehe

Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Ok I know some of you will not appreciate this entry. But that's ok. I just have to talk about it. So as you all know I have started my photography business. I love it. I love meeting people. And I love the reactions from the photos. One issue I was having is my ability to print the pictures. My printer is not bad but it cant compare to say...Taking my pictures to Pixels and having them print them. And it also took half of my profit, sometimes a little more.
So yesturday, I go to the mailbox and there is a letter from my step mom. I'm thinking no biggie, it was Marks b-day. Probably something for that. NOPE!!! The amazingly sweet, but naughty, woman has sent me the money to purchase the printer I have been eyeing to buy. I totally start crying. My cute daughter, Talia, is asking me a question, and I cant even answer her. So she comes and stands in front of me and asks why the heck Im crying. I am just so shocked and humbled that I just look at her and keep crying. To say Thank-You to something like this just doesnt seem to scratch the surface. I am still in shock even as I put together the printer today. I am truly blessed when it comes to my family. Not just because of this amazingly kind thought, but I truly have a great family. Well thank-you for listening to me spill about something I am still in awe of. I had to share.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Moving forward

Ok I finally did it. I created a portfolio website. It is exciting and scary all at the same time. It is great that I can finally say to potential clients..."to see my work please visit my website". Well at least something along those lines. LOL. The scary part? It seems more official. My photos are out of hiding. Sure I have them on my blog and myspace but I never sent potential clients there. It was mainly friends and family.
The website was a needed tool. Printing out the pictures and keeping them in a portfolio isnt really realistic. Its hard to carry around everywhere. And its just not that professional. The downfall to this right now is photo shoots are becoming, well, interesting. My ever expanding belly and pregnancy pains are quite uncomfortable at times. Especially when working in my studio. Outside shoots arent too bad. In studio shoots I am moving lights, kneeling down, getting up again to grab a toy etc. Not an easy task especially after the 10th or 12th time LOL. I really dont want to make excuses why I cant do photo shoots. I love what I do. It really is worth most of the discomfort. Plus Im worried if I start saying no, the momentum will stop and I will have to start all over again after the birth. Its amazing to me what things can get in the way of dreams and goals. No wonder most people dont make it to accomplishing what they dream of. There is always one more hurdle. I am determined not to allow those to stop me. They may slow me down temporarily but I know this is what I want to do. For me and for my family.
So for those reading this feel free to visit my portfolio. The address is
Now if you have any comments or suggestions for my site please post them here under comments. Any tidbit is helpful. After all I may not see something that may harm the whole ideal of having an online portfolio.
Thanks for listening to me ramble LOl

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

So Cool

Im sure not everyone will consider this cool. Tonight I went to a photoshop class with a close friend of mine. Now I have been to this class before, but there is sooo much info you need to go atleast a couple of times. The class is held at Pixels, which is my favorite camera store ever, and is taught by the owner of the store after hours. If any of you have used photoshop, you will know there are tons of ways to do one action. It is such a deep program! But if you can even learn the basics, it is such a blast to play with pictures that you have taken. Seriously I could stay there forever just soaking up all the info like a sponge! Even if you think you know photoshop, I bet you would still learn something at this class.I HIGHLY recommend to even the novice photographer! The cool thing is once you pay for the class, you can go back again for free. NICE!! And trust me you will want to. I love learning new things about programs. Especially when it has to do with photography! The more I learn the more I can offer clients. I mean who doesnt love all the options that say "Kiddie Kandid" gives you. One picture can be turned black and white with some color brought in. They can put different frames etc around the pictures. Special techniques like making the pidcture into a water color.ON and ON and ON. For a photographer this is all beneficial to learn. The more you can offer the broader the clientel.

Anyway I just had to share! It is one of the highlights of my day when I can attend a class like this! Im sure everyone has something unique that just gets them stoked! Hope everyone has a great night. Its almost midnight, time to go to sleep!! Tomorrow I get to play with my pictures, and practice photoshop.YEAH

Friday, August 3, 2007

Quiet Weekend

So one of the things in my life, that Im not a huge fan of, is not having my kids with me 100% of the time. Not that I have a problem with them seeing their dads, I just miss them tons. I have totally enjoyed having all 3 of my kids this week. Cayden and Taylor went to stay with their dad yesturday. Which means Talia and I get some time alone together. We went to Ikea today. That place is crazy! Yummy meatballs though. I love how close Talia and I are. I wish her dad could accept that. Its very sad. Anyway he just came and picked her up for the weekend. I miss my kids. However on the upside....Mark will actually be home tomorrow. It is rare that I get to see him on Saturdays. We are soaking up the alone time we get until Breenan is here. Its such a great thing to have a baby together, but still a little sad it wont just be the two of us sometimes. It has been great for us to still have alone time. It takes alot to have an instant family. But he has done an amazing job. He is one of those rare, amazing guys!! LUCKY ME!! Well I guess I will start to relax and enjoy the weekend. Peace is good for a little while.

Monday, July 30, 2007

My First Inspirations

While looking at the different pictures on my blog, I'm sure you noticed there are a few subjects that show up more than others. Those beautiful faces are my children. As I have said , children are a joy to photograph. And why not start with my own. After all, they are very accessible.LOL.
Talia is 13. It is hard to believe I officially have a teenager on my hands. But she is also one of my best friends. Her heart is tender and sweet. I enjoy every moment with her that I can get.
The next in line is my 10 yr old son, Cayden. Can you believe those blue eyes.WOW!!! He is affectionate and quite the talker. He actually didn't have much of a chance not to be with me as his mother. His dad is not too quiet either. He tells great stories, very creative.
For right now, Taylor is the youngest. She is 6. She will be starting 1st grade. Time flies!! She is very petite. She loves animals, almost too much. It tends to get her in trouble. She can usually be found toting one of our cats around, instead of doing things asked of her. She is also quite the card. Depending on the situation, meeting someone new etc, she usually has a funny face to show how she is feeling. Some of the comments that come out of her tiny little mouth are something to behold.
There will soon be a new arrival to our family. Mark and I are expecting our first child together. He will be here in November. We have been waiting for about 2.5 yrs for this sweet addition. And of course once he arrives , I will have a new subject to photograph!!!LOL
The head of this amazing family is my sweet man, Mark. We have been together since July 4 2003. We were married on May 8 2004. It has been a wonderful journey with him and the kids. He is soft and loving. He works very hard to take care of us. He is constantly going, going, going. The children absolutely adore him. The moment he steps in the door he hears "Marky is home, Marky is home". He is then bombarded with hugs from the whole family.
I feel very lucky to have the family God has blessed me with. Even when it is hectic and crazy, I treasure every moment.

Starting out

I'm 32 yrs old, and am finally able to start my photography business. Even though there is an amount of excitement with starting this adventure, there is also fear. Putting myself out there for the world to view and and share opinions of my photos is intimidating. I love to capture memories. Children are especially fun. You never know what you will get with them. I have done one wedding, small and simple. It was not as bad as I thought it would be. Of course my friend is very easy going and fun to be around, so that really helped. I even love what shots I was able to get.
It's amazing to me how much I continue to learn. It is a never ending process in photography. I love that. It is never boring. It feels good to have my mind absorb all this new information. I look forward to seeing all this new knowledge come through in my photos.