Thursday, November 15, 2007

Introducing Brennan Challis

Brennan Donald Challis 6 lbs 9 oz, 20 in long. Ok here are the pics everyone has been asking for. I wish I could say delivery was short and sweet but only the short part would be true! After a short stay in nicu for Brennan and almost 2 liters of blood for me, it was not exactly what I expected. Brennan was born on Sat. November 10 at about 4AM after a very scary emergency c-section. I dont remember much except blood, blood and more blood! Sorry if that is gross but that is what you get when the placenta detaches from the uterus! Oh I also remember frantic Drs and nurses running around in a frenzy!! This was in between consciousness. Poor Mark got left completely out of it all in the room. But on a positive note we all came out of it rather well!! And HELLO could there be a more gorgeous boy!!!!

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

All up to baby!

Im still a 3!!!!!!!!GGRRRRRR! *sigh* And last week Brennan was further down. Well he decided to head back up! He is still head down but has returned to a high position! Little stinker! I did have my membranes stripped today! WOW that was way fun! NOT! But maybe it will start something! I told the dr to make me a 4 when he informed me I was a really strong 3. He laughed and looked at his nurse and said " OK your heard her, she wants to be a 4" and away he went! I really should have known that this pregnancy would not suddenly change its difficult course! That would be to easy! Maybe God is telling me this is it. NO more babies. I was kind of on the fence about maybe having one more. Im really starting to slip more to the side of "we're done!" Actually everything aside I really want him to come because he is apparently already 7.5 lbs or so! The size thing scares me! Babies who are born to moms with gestational diabetes usually have larger heads and wider shoulders. Other than that I can handle staying pregnant! So I guess we will see what this " not so little one " decides to do.

Wish me luck!!!!

Ok today is my dr appt. I am so hopeful that I end up in L&D today! LOL. I have been dilated to a 3 for over a week. Now I know as well as anyone ( I have done this 3 other times) that I could stay that way for awhile. There are some things on my side ie... This is my 4th ( things tend to go faster), I have been having contractions, and he has dropped. Most days I am fine with the fact I am still lugging this sweet thing around. He is feeling like he is going to be pretty good sized. Yikes! I am so excited to see him! Now I know this sounds like such a girl thing to say but... I really cant wait to see his clothes on him. LOL. Seriously. The clothes are so small and so cute. But I want to see some sort of form on them. If only I had a lifesize doll. Girls like to dress things, I cant seem to get past that. I am also so excited to see what he looks like. That has always been the hardest thing to wait for. I have the impression ( not to say I could be way off) but I have this idea that he will be more like the girls. Marks family is either blonde and fair (Challis line) or olive skin and dark hair etc(Austin side) Im thinking Austin side. Which is funny to me because I really would like him to be more on Caydens end of looks. Talia and Taylor look so much alike, I was hoping Cayden could share that with his brother. We shall see.
Well gotta run! Time to get ready to go see the dr!!!