Monday, March 24, 2008

Waiting Bites!!!

Ok so I have now finished the Twilight series. The first book took the longest because I just couldnt get sucked into it at first. Once I did I flew through it. The second book took just a little over a day. The third was about the same. Now just like everyone else.... Im waiting for the 4th. I think I remember someone saying in August or something. Yikes that is awhile. At some point after the next book the movie will be coming out. I am always hesitant about what the movie will be like after I have read a book. So far I have been totally disappointed by them. Hopefully it will not be the same with this series. If anyone has a book or books that they really enjoyed let me know Im in the mood to read. Have a great day!!!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Finally!! I finished!

So many people are reading the Twilight series. I borrowed the book like a month and half ago from my friend Ashley. I fell terrible it has taken me soo long  to finish it. However it was not because I didnt like it.  Every time I sat down to read it , my son woke up or needed me. At night I was just too tired to read. I was beginning to think I was going to have to give it back to her unread. Well my mom is in town and was spending time with us and holding Brennan etc, so I started again from about page 60 or so and read 99.9 % in one day. LOL. I was very pleasantly surprised that I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I LOVE fantasy. I really LOVE books about vampires. My favorite Author is Anne Rice. I was completely ready to not really love Twilight because I am picky about how people describe vampires( silly I know). I like a book that makes it seem totally natural. Or atleast believable. The unfortunate thing is, is I cant get a hold of Ashley!!! UGH. After  reading the sneak peek Im very anxious to read the next book.