Sunday, December 7, 2008


Well I am sitting here at the computer at 5 in the morning. I have already been awake since 4. I didnt go to bed until 12:30(shopping at Kohls until midnight LOL). I have so much on my mind. The family that wants to purchase our home ( still feels weird to say that) is waiting on getting money from a 401 k for the down. I still cant believe that we are selling. I love this house. I love the ward and my neighbors and amazing friends! All the houses that I have been looking at have something wonderful but just not the package I am looking for. 2 of them have amazing yards!!! They are both in Lehi! The first one is a little squishy but has a HUGE unfinished basement with the option of buying later down the road. The second one is so cute with a huge yard but is further south than we kind of want.  The last house is in Sandy , which is not really South enough, and is owned by..................... HA! MY EX BOYFRIEND!!!! Yes Yes!!! Can you imagine my surprise when I walked in the house with the property management women and as I turned around to be introduced to the husband, I take his hand and then look up...... OH MY GOSH!!! Seriously!!! Needless to say his house is the largest as well BUT the kitchen is not quite up to date at all! Funny as it sounds I truly have no problem with the fact that I would be renting form Cody and his really sweet wife! Im sure eventually I will stop laughing at how I ran into him. LOL. Can you imagine running into one of your sweetest boyfriends after 14 or so years. So Funny! It actually was not a really fun break-up but more because of his friends than him and I. Ok so this is taking an unneeded turn... Back  to the subject.
Anywho. Everyone of the owners, when asked about their wards, neighbors, Bishops etc. of course say they are wonderful! What else are they going to say! This is the worrisome part of moving. This is almost as crucial as the house. If you are miserable in the ward, it pretty much ruins everything! Two of the wards have more than one nursery!!! One of them actually has 3, now that a lot of kiddos!  The last thing I want to do is move again and again! The ideal would be to buy the home we are renting some time down the road! I hate moving! So as I look I have to ask myself, if this home is what we could live in for a long time!! Too much on the brain!! 
Now the OTHER side of this is, that this may not happen at all! It looks like it will but there are things that go awry when selling or buying. You have the appraisal, which we are praying comes in where we need it! But with the housing market and the banks being so cautious, who knows what could happen. Then the inspection! I truly dont know of anything seriously wrong with our house but something could be lurking. After all, part of this house is over 50 yrs old.  Ugh! We are still having to wait for the initial approval from the bank as well. I dont know what is more stressful, purchasing or selling! Both are so nerve racking. Right now we cant put any money down on a rental because we would lose A LOT if for some reason this sale doesnt happen. At what part do we move forward.
Ok I am so rambling here! Thats what happens when your mind is wide awake and yet sooo tired! 
Thanks for listening anyway! If anyone has any suggestions, feel free! It will be GREAT when December is over! I am not a fan of sitting and waiting! So many things are up in the air! Where are we going to have Christmas, Are we having Christmas in December( If all goes well we will probably be moving during Christmas break and I dont have my kids until the 29th of Dec.) Will we find a house in time! What about the weather! Moving in winter bites! ON and ON! *sigh*
Happy Sunday everyone! Wish us luck and say LOTS of prayers!!!