Monday, October 8, 2007

Just checkin in

So I havent written in this blog for awhile, so I thought I would just post a few happenings in my life.
The kids are back in school, and seem to be doing well. Taylor needed to adjust a little to the "ll day" idea, but seems to be doing well. Her teacher is a total sweetie. And she is tall, skinny and way too cute. Seriously!
Cayden is doing so much better this year. Last year was a nightmare trying to figure what was going on with him. ADHD is not something fun to deal with. Drugs are not something we really wanted to put him on, but now I see the results and Im mostly happy with that decision. I really glad we caught it early on.
Talia is in th 8th grade!! YIKES. She is truly a teenager. I love her to pieces. Even in her oh so teenage attitude moments. Actually she is pretty great still. She and I really love spending time together. She is truly one of my best friends. However I still remind her that I am her mom first. She knows that if she wants certain things she still has to be respectful. She does fairly well in school. There are a few classes that she hates and the grade shows that. She does have this amazing talent at pulling them up, usually to A's, by the time the term ends. Kudos for that.
She gets stressed out about her grades, and about what our reactions will be as parents. I tell her that of course we love the higher grades, but the only person her grades are going to affect are her. Not that I dont talk to her about my concerns when they are not great grades, but lecturing her does not do any good in my opinion. I really like to look at different options with her on maybe what will be more affective for that subject. Getting extra help, changing attitude, focusing on new approaches etc. Getting lectured never helped me. I try to be assertive with her yet understanding. School was never my favorite place.
My pregnancy is progressing. Since the day I found out I had gestational diabetes, I have been ready to have Brennan. This is truly not like me. I usually am very romantic about pregnancy. I truly adore feeling the movements of the baby. I love to try and imagine what he will be like etc. The medication I am on makes me feel gross. Its frusturating. I truly have not been inlove with this pregnancy. I am very excited about meeting this new little spirit however. Who will he look like, what will his personality be etc. The meeting between my children and myself is so spritual to me. It seems they still glow from where they have come from. I have truly been blessed with wonderful, beautiful spirits. I am also looking forward to sharing this whole journey with Mark. He is my sweetheart. I still am amazed we, the children and myself, were lucky enough to have him in our lives.
Well its time to go get dinner going. Mark is home early today, so it will be a nice night together with the kids. We will of course be missing Talia. I treasure the times we are all together.

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