Friday, August 3, 2007

Quiet Weekend

So one of the things in my life, that Im not a huge fan of, is not having my kids with me 100% of the time. Not that I have a problem with them seeing their dads, I just miss them tons. I have totally enjoyed having all 3 of my kids this week. Cayden and Taylor went to stay with their dad yesturday. Which means Talia and I get some time alone together. We went to Ikea today. That place is crazy! Yummy meatballs though. I love how close Talia and I are. I wish her dad could accept that. Its very sad. Anyway he just came and picked her up for the weekend. I miss my kids. However on the upside....Mark will actually be home tomorrow. It is rare that I get to see him on Saturdays. We are soaking up the alone time we get until Breenan is here. Its such a great thing to have a baby together, but still a little sad it wont just be the two of us sometimes. It has been great for us to still have alone time. It takes alot to have an instant family. But he has done an amazing job. He is one of those rare, amazing guys!! LUCKY ME!! Well I guess I will start to relax and enjoy the weekend. Peace is good for a little while.

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nickparkemjamom said... kidding...

Hope you had a good weekend! Walk around naked, or something! ;)

You ARE lucky, and I'm so glad you found him! YOU DESERVE IT!!!

I wanna do those pictures this week, I know...

Call me when you are up to it!