Monday, August 27, 2007

Out of the mouth of babes!!! LOL

It never ceases to amaze me what my children say at times. Taylor, my youngest, is quite the card at times. Yesterday she had me rolling.
Once a month we head up to Highland to have dinner with Mark's family. While we were on the way the kids were eating a mexican candy called Pelon's. Its made with chili pepper but its also sweet. Pelon in spanish means bald. The candy is soft and it is a container that you push up and force the gooey substance through holes on the top of the container, Kind of like growing hair. So anyway way we arrive at my in-laws and proceed to talk etc with the rest of the family that is also there. About 20 minutes or so Taylor comes and sits by me on the couch. One of the kids at the house is the soon to be step daughter of Mark's youngest brother Don. She is darling and pretty shy around us because they havent been able to come to alot of the functions. SO I tell Taylor to go say hi to her. They are both in the 1st grade etc. Taylor gets really quiet and says that she doesnt want to. This is odd because she is usually very friendly. So I continue to try and convince her to go say hi. Taylor gets kind of withdrawn a little.So I ask her what is wrong. She says she just doesnt feel like it. I ask her if she is sure she is ok. This time she leans into my ear and asks me to go to the bathroom with her. Odd request. I ask her if she is hurt. Again she just wants me to go to the bathroom with her. I look at her and ask her what has happened. She now begs me to go to the bathroom. So I follow her to the bathroom.
Once there I ask her what is wrong and she opens her mouth to show me the empty spot where a tooth used to be. Totally shocked Im all excited for her and say"Taylor you lost a tooth!!!" To which she starts sobbing and says " and it wasnt even loose!!" Not quite the reaction I was expecting so I hug her trying to calm her down, tell Talia, who has now joined us to go get Mark. So the three of us are trying to calm this hysterical little girl. She finally tells us that she lost it in the car.THE CAR!!! By now it has been 30 min or so! Not a peep was made in the car! I am totally confused by now. Apparently when the candy cant be pushed through any more the kids use their teeth to pry the lid off the base so they can lick the rest of the candy off the push up part of the container. When Taylor did this it popped her tooth out! I cant believe she didnt even cry! What child takes 30 minutes to tell anyone her tooth popped out? Needless to say it did take her a little while to be convinced that she would be fine even though it wasnt really loose. And when the initial cry session was over she started to be a little excited. Thankfully Talia went out to the car and found her tooth, so the Tooth Fairy could bring her money.
Now after all this Im sure no one can even believe the story does not end there! After all this is Taylor we are talking about! For those of you who may not know her, she is quite unique in her thought process.
Ok so we get the kids tucked in to bed.Taylors tooth is safely snug under her pillow. She is excited about the tooth fairy as we turn off the light. After about 35 minutes Mark and I are in our bed chit chatting blah blah blah. Then we go to sleep!!! OOPS morning comes! I have totally forgotten about the Fairy! I only remembered because of the baby monitor we use because the kids room is at the complete opposite end of our house. Anyway Taylor is telling Cayden that the TF didnt come. I am so lame! Cayden is in her room helping her look for the $$$. Soon they come to my door and as soon as they are allowed in I am told the terrible tale of the missing TF. I said Im sure she came no worries, go eat your breakfast and I will look and try and find it. Taylor says her tooth is still there. I explain that the TF only takes the tooth is the parents dont want to save it and that she know I like to keep the teeth. Not a bad explanation! So the kids eat breakfast and I get up and proceed to grab a dollar out of my purse and head to Taylors room to "magically" find the $. Im thinking this will be the end of the issue and we can move on with our day! Silly me! After "finding" the $, and giving it to Taylor with the story of where it was found,Taylor starts to examine the dollar. She then looks at me and says "mom I dont think the TF gave me this money." why would you say that I ask. " mom are you tooth fairy?" I respond Well I guess you can believe that if you want, but why do you think that?" Then she proceeds to make a comment about the dollar which I didnt quite understand, something about she always gets a 1 with a one one. yah ok??? I ask her what the heck that means and she says never mind. But continues to examine the dollar and suddenly decided that the TF did give it to her because on the side of the dollar are two small pieces missing? HUH? and then and that it wasnt exactly the TF but Orgs? HUH? I ask who Orgs are..She tells me they help the TF out so it was actually Orgs who brought her the $. WOW WOW! The stories this girl can weave! I have never had any sort of concern over the TF from any of the other kids. She is one of a kind! I was getting a little concerned for a moment! The whole time I am trying not to laugh because of how serious she was taking this whole thing.
I know this was a long story but I just had to share! Kids are awesome! I wish I had an imagination like that. OH wait not I dont. I'd have to take pills for that! But it still is fun to hear their stories!

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