Monday, December 17, 2007

Christmas Traditions/Remembering those who are gone

Ok So I know that may sound like a funny title.. But it does have a meaning for me. I was thinking about different family traditions and all the things that happen during the holidays. Most of the time I am all for getting over with them. However I do have a few moments of reflection, especially since my dad passed away on Christmas Eve morning in 2004. Most of the time I can think of him and be just fine, other times I get pretty emotional. Especially around the anniversary of his passing. One thing that helps me cope with him being gone is continuing a special breakfast that he made quite often. Usually when we would all be together for some reason or another or sometimes just because. The recipe sounds crazy and when I tell people about this special breakfast, the looks are ones of " you must be cookoo" etc. The breakfast is called Chocolate Gravy and Biscuits. Yes you read correctly. Now I know what your thinking. But dont knock it till you try it. Someone in my dad's family way back figured this fantastic way to have chocolate for breakfast. Any how back to traditions. Now on Christmas Eve morning I make chocolate gravy and biscuits for my family. A conversation about my dad usually is included. The kids can talk about memories or just listen to mine. I miss my dad alot. Somedays it still feels sureal that he is gone. I have pictures of him in my living room and in my office. My mom gets a little put out that he is the only parent I have pictures up. I just tell her when she dies I will do the same for her. Its not that I dont love my mom or even my step mom. I have just always been closer to my dad. He has had a HUGE impact on my life. Ok so anyway what are some of your traditions that you have started or continued now that you have your own family etc? I would love to hear them. Also I hope all who read this have a Happy Holiday surrounded by loved ones. And if loved ones are far away or gone... I hope you have some special way of feeling close to them and remembering them.


nickparkemjamom said...

Just wanted to say I was thinking about you today! Well, and waiting for you to bring me some gravy and biscuits! ;)

I hope your day will be filled with wonderful memories!

Love you!!

nickparkemjamom said... I'm commenting,but it is the same post...

goodness girl...