Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Today is such a cool day! My oldest daughter Talia, left for Trek today. Trek is an activity in our church that the youth ages 14 and up go to. Its a reenactment of the pioneer journey. The items that the kids can bring are VERY limited. She actually had to give up even deodorant ( Yikes ). The Trek is today until Sat. It takes place in Wyoming on some church land. They sleep under the stars and are dressed in pioneer clothing. Im so excited for her, but kinda of sad too. Tomorrow is her 14th b-day! I sent a little token to be given to her. Its a collar that the pioneer girls wore sometimes like to church etc. Its a girlie version of a bandanna. Its white with lace around the edges. I also sent up a tatted handkerchief. Both can be signed by friends and those in her "family". I hope she likes it. I just wanted her to know we were thinking of her. Trying to find something that wouldnt distract too much from her experience was difficult to find.  
Everyone that has been on Trek before says it is AMAZING to see the kids "get it" and see the changes that come. They are more grateful for what they have and humbled by what children their age had to go through. One cool thing that they get is a pioneer nam
e. Its someone that actually was a pioneer. They learn where they were from, their age, when they came. It kind of personalizes it even more. Soo Cool. 
I kind of have a hard time sending her on these things. I think it is so important though. It does take up my schedule with her for the summer. Four weeks is usually filled with alot of time between us, but when she goes on Trek or girls camp I have to use one of those weeks for it. I do want her to experience these things. I hope it will give her strength to become the young lady I see in her. 
It was so sweet last night.Mark gave her a "fathers blessing". I asked her if she felt ok about it. She adores Mark! I asked her if she wanted him to bless her with anything particular. She said she didnt want Trek to be just a trip. How perfect. I hope she truly discovers and "gets" what Trek is all about. I cant wait to talk to her when she gets home!!!!
Here are some pictures of her before she left today.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Ugh summer has begun!!! I guess Im kind of spoiled. I have a set schedule when my kids are in school. Mon, Tues, Thurs, and Fri I go to the gym. Now I still go, but I feel a little guilty about not hanging out with the kids. Its only 1.5 hrs but still. Cayden is 11 and so does not want to hang out at the child care. And of course Talia is too old as well. Taylor doesnt mind as long as Savy is there. Brennan of course could care less. He is held the whole time he is there. IT so pays to have a cute baby.  
Im also looking into getting a home based job. Photography is awesome but is not something anyone has to have. Convergys now has a positions for those wanting to work from home. And the training is done at home as well. Ive worked for them before and it was one of my favorite jobs. Mark and I have discussed  preparing in different ways for the serious slowing in construction. It is scary since we totally rely on it for our living. But if we plan ahead I think we will be ok. 
The summer is also crazy because of the change in schedule with Talia. I love having her much more often.  That is actually something wonderful about summer. I pray she will always love the time we spend together. That it will be something that is important to her. Being 14 is the start of more independence. Friends are a higher priority. I dread the day she calls and tells me she is not coming because of  a "friend" thing.  Is that selfish?? Probably but I truly enjoy being around my sweet daughter. 
Cayden wants me to sign him up for some drama camp. LOL It is very fitting. He is so funny about acting etc. He "practices" all the time. I have never seen anyone make so many faces in the mirror whenever he passes it. And I say that with all the love I have for him. He is also choosing to become more active in helping with Brennan. Tonight he asked me to show him how to rock him to sleep. How adorable is that!!!!
Taylor is still trying to find her place. She is kind of struggling about not being the youngest anymore. She is still super sweet but is always right at our heals. One really nice thing is all the hugs we get and the " I love you's" But it almost seems fearful. If that makes sense. And she truly loves Brennan. She reads to him and sings to him. She loves to act crazy just to hear him laugh. Hopefully she will realize he is not here to take her place. That would be impossible.
For all those friends out there in "blog" world I hope your summer is fun and full of family.