Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Ok I know some of you will not appreciate this entry. But that's ok. I just have to talk about it. So as you all know I have started my photography business. I love it. I love meeting people. And I love the reactions from the photos. One issue I was having is my ability to print the pictures. My printer is not bad but it cant compare to say...Taking my pictures to Pixels and having them print them. And it also took half of my profit, sometimes a little more.
So yesturday, I go to the mailbox and there is a letter from my step mom. I'm thinking no biggie, it was Marks b-day. Probably something for that. NOPE!!! The amazingly sweet, but naughty, woman has sent me the money to purchase the printer I have been eyeing to buy. I totally start crying. My cute daughter, Talia, is asking me a question, and I cant even answer her. So she comes and stands in front of me and asks why the heck Im crying. I am just so shocked and humbled that I just look at her and keep crying. To say Thank-You to something like this just doesnt seem to scratch the surface. I am still in shock even as I put together the printer today. I am truly blessed when it comes to my family. Not just because of this amazingly kind thought, but I truly have a great family. Well thank-you for listening to me spill about something I am still in awe of. I had to share.

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nickparkemjamom said...

Awwwww...I love unexpected gifts!!