Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Back to Sobbing Every Tuesday!

I am such a boob. I am easily moved when I see people struggling, yet working through a difficult issue. Watching others break through barriers is so inspiring!! And then after it all realize their goals, sometimes even surpass them. 
Do you have any idea what Im talking about??? Im so excited that one of my all time FAVORITE shows is BACK!!!  Another round of JILLIAN and BOB!! Its BIGGEST LOSER TIME!!! YEAH!!!!
Ok so that was a little drastic. LOL. But seriously, who does not love this show?? When the commercials first ran for it, I was skeptical. The title sounds so mean. But one episode and I was hooked. And now I faithfully watch or record every episode. With so may mean, or trashy, sneaky shows out there, its nice to find one with heart! Sure its still a game. But lives are literally saved before your eyes. Families are brought closer as issues that have been hidden or ignored have no choice but to surface and be dealt with as the weight falls off!  Now granted the weight falls off so quickly because they are in a setting where this is the only focus, as well as trainers that are pushing them harder than anyone usually pushes themselves. But it does, in my opinion show those struggling with weight that there is a way. No not as quickly as on the show, if its done in a healthy way. And it takes WORK! Im so sad for all those people that spend hundreds of dollars on diet pills that promise miracles. True results come from hard work. Eating right, exercising, and getting rid of ghosts that plague progress. Negative thoughts need to be replaced by positive realistic goals. Well actually there is a study that might toss out that last comment. Mark was reading an article, in it he was telling me that when people, mostly women were used, set high expections on their weight loss goals, more met the goal and continued onto  more weight loss, than those that set smaller weight loss goals.  Interesting anyway. 
Just one more thing. If you have not seen this show, I suggest tuning in for an episode. Judge for yourself. Its on Tues at 7PM on channel 5. Let me know what you think.