Monday, July 30, 2007

My First Inspirations

While looking at the different pictures on my blog, I'm sure you noticed there are a few subjects that show up more than others. Those beautiful faces are my children. As I have said , children are a joy to photograph. And why not start with my own. After all, they are very accessible.LOL.
Talia is 13. It is hard to believe I officially have a teenager on my hands. But she is also one of my best friends. Her heart is tender and sweet. I enjoy every moment with her that I can get.
The next in line is my 10 yr old son, Cayden. Can you believe those blue eyes.WOW!!! He is affectionate and quite the talker. He actually didn't have much of a chance not to be with me as his mother. His dad is not too quiet either. He tells great stories, very creative.
For right now, Taylor is the youngest. She is 6. She will be starting 1st grade. Time flies!! She is very petite. She loves animals, almost too much. It tends to get her in trouble. She can usually be found toting one of our cats around, instead of doing things asked of her. She is also quite the card. Depending on the situation, meeting someone new etc, she usually has a funny face to show how she is feeling. Some of the comments that come out of her tiny little mouth are something to behold.
There will soon be a new arrival to our family. Mark and I are expecting our first child together. He will be here in November. We have been waiting for about 2.5 yrs for this sweet addition. And of course once he arrives , I will have a new subject to photograph!!!LOL
The head of this amazing family is my sweet man, Mark. We have been together since July 4 2003. We were married on May 8 2004. It has been a wonderful journey with him and the kids. He is soft and loving. He works very hard to take care of us. He is constantly going, going, going. The children absolutely adore him. The moment he steps in the door he hears "Marky is home, Marky is home". He is then bombarded with hugs from the whole family.
I feel very lucky to have the family God has blessed me with. Even when it is hectic and crazy, I treasure every moment.

Starting out

I'm 32 yrs old, and am finally able to start my photography business. Even though there is an amount of excitement with starting this adventure, there is also fear. Putting myself out there for the world to view and and share opinions of my photos is intimidating. I love to capture memories. Children are especially fun. You never know what you will get with them. I have done one wedding, small and simple. It was not as bad as I thought it would be. Of course my friend is very easy going and fun to be around, so that really helped. I even love what shots I was able to get.
It's amazing to me how much I continue to learn. It is a never ending process in photography. I love that. It is never boring. It feels good to have my mind absorb all this new information. I look forward to seeing all this new knowledge come through in my photos.