Thursday, August 23, 2007

So Cool!

Ok so I got my printer. And it is way cool!! The difference is huge! I feel so professional now! I cant find enough things to print. Its like a new toy for me. Photography is not a cheap thing to get into. There is ALWAYS more to buy. I think Im ready and BAM, I see something else, or a new product comes out. So really I will never be done. I will never have enough. Because there will always be new and improved! Now I can see why "boys" are always wanting more toys to play with. lol. Ok I need to go print some more pictures.hehe

1 comment:

nickparkemjamom said...

YAY on new toys!!

Sorry I keep missing your calls. I still love ya!!!

I need to come see it! Or something ya print!

Bring something to church...