Friday, January 16, 2009

School is in session!

School has begun!!!  Thankfully I am only taking 2 classes. I am wondering if online was the way to go? Its funny how you hear all the negatives "after" it too late! While online is convenient in some ways, there a few things you should know before hand. One is that online takes two to three times more time commitment. For example, English, I have one class of English a week. Doesnt sound too bad right? Well on top of that one day, I am expected to log in atleast 3 other times a week. How long I am online then depends on why I am there. Is it peer reponse or a chat session for an assignment. Thankfully I like English. When there are tests, I go to the college to take them. 
Then I have math. I am horrible at math. It has been about 16 yrs or more since I have had to be in school. And I did the bare minimum of math credits. Since school has started, I have been doing math atleast 3 or more hours a day! And it has only been review for the assignment I have yet to start. The program that I log into is really cool. The first time I logged in I had to finish an assessment to determine what I needed to learn to accomplish the assignment. Lets just say it was ALOT. The first assignment covers 3 chapters! Seriously? What a way to begin! 
Mark has been amazing. Because its online there is not teacher to show you anything. No lectures, no peer help, nothing. You are in charge of your own progress. Again the program is really cool. It has a pie chart to keep track of your progress. It shows you what you need to know to do your homework. You choose the order of the categories you  need to learn. That is kind of difficult. Its does not tell you which you should learn first. That has proven to be a BIG negative. There is a definite order to learning math. 
Now it seems like I have not like starting school again. But for the most part, it feels good to want to do something and act on it! I have a long way to go but less than before! For now Im going to bed! Im sure there will be more on the subject of school. Kudos to those who have gone to school while working or taking care of your family or maybe even both!!!  Time is something I no longer claim for just me. "Me" time just turned to school time. Thankfully I have a fantastic family who supports me. My kids even think its pretty cool. We shall see if it lasts.


Tina said...

Good for you, Tasha! I'm so proud! And you're setting a great example for your kids. Just another way for them to look up to you!

pam said...

Oh honey, I'm sorry!!! I'm sure it is so hard and time consuming. BUT, as you know, it will totally be worth it when you're all finished! And I hear it gets a little easier with each class because you know what to expect the next time around. YOU ARE SOOOOOOO NICE to offer to make bread for my little MS garage sale. Seriously! You are so sweet and thoughtful. I remember LOVING your bread when you would make it for the sacrament in Murray. Anyway, we are having the sale on Saturday, March 28th. I could come pick it up from you on Friday, the 27th, if you still want to do it. Let me know. Thanks, Tasha!!