Thursday, January 1, 2009

WOW A New Year!

So many possibilities!!!!  We are still seeing if the family is going to be able to buy our house.  I have decided to let go and let the chips fall where they may. Heavenly Father knows where we need to be. Thats good enough for me. In  about 10 days I will be starting my journey towards my Bachelors in Sonography ( Ultrasound). Im a little freaked out. I am also extremely excited! Also the first part of February, Taylor will be baptized and Cayden will be ordained a Deacon! Im so proud of my kids! 
A few things that we are hopeful for in this new year is the economy moving up. Construction is something that follows right along with wherever the economy is. I know there is some concern as to whether Mark can stay busy enough. We have felt it somewhat already but are optimistic, especially if the house sells!
I have a year and a half until I have my oldest daughter Talia driving and dating! Knowing how fast time flies, Im wishing it would slow down. Im not sure Im ready for this part of being a parent! Thankfully Talia is a smart cookie! I pray that she and I will still be close so the communication will be open between us. Teenagers can be so unpredictable.
For the most part Im excited to see what path we will take this year. With the sale of the home etc looming over us, there are so many directions open to us. Hopefully we will be patient and continue to remember we have an amazing guide to lead us along.
Happy New Year everyone!!!

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