Thursday, June 4, 2009

Oops! I guess its been awhile!

So many things have gone on since January!. I finished my first semester of college. And miracle of miracle passed math! We have also moved to Lehi! So far I like the ward, even though I was pretty much put into nursery right off the bat!. The kids are super cute, but I would have liked a little more time getting to know the women of the ward. It does look as if I will get my chance since I opened my mouth and made a suggestion to the RS Pres about a cooking night. Each month will be a different theme and whoever would like to come brings a sample of the finished product as well as the recipe to share with the other ladies. She liked it so much she put me in charge of it. It wasnt even an original idea from me. It came from my sis-in-law whos ward does it and I thought it sounded fun! Hopefully the other women in the ward will enjoy it as well. I have also been invited to play Bunco!! Im excited to make new friends, even though Murray will always hold a special place in my heart!
Summer has started and the kids are stir crazy! I hoping summer could last forever, but know that it will only go more quickly than I am wanting. It is hard to believe that Talia will be in High School! One more year and she will be driving and dating!! Heaven Help Us! She is such a beautiful young lady! I am in awe that I am her mother. I am always asking Heavenly Father to help me keep a close relationship with her. Especially with how innocence seems to be an idea from the past! I am in shock as I have walked the schools at the topics kids talk about so openly! I can only pray I have done all that I can to help them steer clear of too much trouble. She is amazing at helping out around the house. I cant count how many times I will go run an errand and will come home to a clean kitchen and vacumed living room. I dont really ever have to ask her to do it. So grateful for that. The other major change will be Cayden in Jr High!!! UGH!! He is such a little charmer! LOL. The girls seem to be quite smitten with him. He has such a big heart! He can be very tender which has its good and bad points. He and Brennan are so sweet together. There are many times I will walk into the room because I heard Brennan cry and Cayden has him snuggled up in his arms telling him its all right. It melts me. I wonder now that Cayden will no longer be with Taylor in school how she will do. She still seems to crave being the youngest, and is resistant to not being held anymore. She is so small for her age it has been easy to continue but there is a little competition that happens to her and Brennan wheneverone is not being held. Growing up is hard to do. Taylor will be in 3rd grade! I love that little thing but am sometimes concerned with her head in the clouds approach to life. lol. She is a little clown when others are around, with her silly faces and other goofy things she does. She does love Brennan and plays really well with him. He is just not a fan of her picking him up. I keep telling her its because they are almost the same size and not that he doesnt love her. Brennan is now over 18 months and I wonder if he will ever talk. Now he chatters all the time. There are some things he does however that let us know what he wants. Its also funny when we ask him a question like where are you shoes, he answers us with gibberish but puts his hands up as he shrugs his shoulders. Too stinking funny!! And the boy can get down!! LOL. He loves music! Some part of everyday my ipod is playing and he is not just bouncing like a lot of kids his age, OH NO, that little guy can swing his hips with the best of them!! He throws them from side to side then puts his arms up and moves them around! He has quite the rythm for one so young.
Some other crazy news is my brother Nate is getting MARRIED! I can hardly believe it. Now the really wonderful thing is is that he is marrying a friend of mine! I think I may be almost as excited as the two of them. How often do you get to pick your sis in law???? Leslie is the first friend of mine that I have been willing to introduce to him and he grabs her up! Sometimes its a little weird just figuring out new boundaries but it will be so fun to be related to her and her cute kids!!!
Ok well Im tired and will try and do a better job on keeping this up!
Yeah for summer!!! I hope everyone is enjoying it and spending lots of time with family!

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The Throops said...

Tasha, It is so great to hear about you and your family. It sounds like you are all doing great! Best of luck in Lehi!