Monday, November 10, 2008

Brennan Donald Challis

My sweet baby boy is 1 years old today! What a year it has been. This sweet little man has been a challenge! In the past few weeks, we are finally able to sleep at night! He has struggled with waking up 2+ times a night. When he was an tiny baby we found out he had acid reflux. The medication was $75 a month, plus the special formula at $25 for a small can, which lasted 3 days. He is finally off the medication. Although his tummy seems to revert back at times. 
Brennan is such a happy smiley baby! He giggles, and claps and wrinkles up his nose when he is playing.  He loves to cuddle with me, at least until Mark comes home. When I sit on the couch he loves to come over to me and lean his head on my lap. If I brush his face with my hand he lays on it and snuggles into it. TOO sweet.
Brennan adores his brother and sisters. Talia is the only one, however, that he will turn Mark away for. He gets so excited when she gets in the car. His little squeals are too funny! Cayden is another one he loves. I hope the two of them continue to be so sweet! Taylor loves to play with him and hold him. He is not quite sure of her picking him up all the time yet. Probably because he is so close to her size. Its a little awkward.
 Brennan also LOVES our dog Takara. If he sees her nothing else matters. He squeals and crawls right to her. He pats her and giggles. When she is lying down he lays on her and uses her like a wrestling buddy. Thankfully she is extremely patient.
I look forward to watching this special boy of mine grew up. Although I do think it should go a little slower than it has so far. These sweet moments will stay with me forever, but there is nothing like holding and kissing the little baby faces, hands and toes!


Corey, Ashlee, Jack and Alaster said...

Yay for a year! It does go by too fast!

West Family said...

so cute, how did you get the pictures to overlap like that?

Tasha Challis said...

LOL I have NO idea!! HA HA! I was actually very frustrated with it that day! It always does something strange!