Tuesday, March 2, 2010

LIFE...... well its acting just like life should!

So much has happened in the last year! Its been a year since we moved from Murray! I miss so many things about Murray! It will always be my "home". So many amazing people. I also miss my house! Especially the family room! It took so long to remodel, but it was so worth it. It was the first real project Mark and I did together! It was a perfect blend of the two of us!
We moved to Lehi and found a super cute house and amazing landlords! We completely clicked with them and it has been great to have them so invested in making sure everything was perfect! We are moving again and are going to miss this neighborhood and friends that we have made here. The bishop in this ward is amazing!!! He has been extremely sweet in working with me and my anxiety. I have a new appreciation for the Book of Mormon and am excited to rely more on finding strength with in it. Its amazing how much there is too learn even though I have been a member all my life ( well at least active most of my life) I have never really been great at studying the scriptures, that is changing dramatically because of our amazing Bishop.
We have had some ups and downs and the downs have been difficult. Marks job has fluctuated quite a bit. There was about a 5 or 6 week period of little to no work that had us scrambling to stay afloat. We made it through because of support of some great family members and friends. The most trying situation has come in the last few months. Even though issues between Talia's dad and myself never truly go away, they have escalated beyond what I thought they ever would. In January, Gabriel came to our house late one night with a letter that broke my heart. In the letter he stated he was moving to California in 10 days! He claimed it was for a job and didnt have a choice but to leave quickly. The more surprising thing was that Talia said she wanted to go. I have always supported a relationship between Talia and her dad. It has been very difficult to try and have him see that, in fact he feels quite the opposite but Talia knows the truth and that is all I care about. I desperately miss her. She is one of my best friends. Because I had her alone a lot she and I became very close. But I feel because of that she felt like we could survive the distance. Im not sure she trusts the relationship she has with her dad as much. As time has passed we are realizing things were not as he made them out to be. He never had a job and still does not have a job. The more we discover, the more it points to him just wanting her away from here and me. It breaks my heart that he hates me to the point he cannot see what he is doing to her. He has already denied my visitation and continues to be very cruel. During these times it is nice to have the support of family and friends. Unfortunately you also find out who is really going to be there for you. It came as a surprise how some family members had such a lack of empathy. Im not here to complain really, it just makes me sad.
Hopefully when we go to court in March, things will go our way and I will have no further issues seeing Talia. These 2 months of not seeing her have felt like an eternity! 15 year old girls should not be away from either parent especially their mother.
Other fun things have been going on as well. I was able to take my first "ME" trip to Arizona. It was wonderful! I saw my step mom and sister, as well as aunts, uncles and cousins! Phoenix was great the first day but damp for next few days. I was also able to go to JOES FARM GRILL. I have been waiting for 2 years to go. It was featured on the food network channel on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives!! It was well worth the wait! All the produce is grown in this HUGE garden owned by Joes! mmmmmm!!!
Another fantastic thing to happen was my brother getting married! Not only did he get married but it was to one of my friends!! Nothing better than picking your sister in law! They are so happy and it has been great to have her as part of the family!!! She is amazing for being able to put up with him! HAHAHA. They will be sealed later this year!! Im so excited for them.
Ok I think I have taken more than enough space on here! LOL
Time for some pictures!!!
Hope all is well for everyone!!!

My adorable kids taken just before
Talia left.

The Snowflake Arizona temple! Its really a beautiful

Joes Farm Grill! If you go to the Chandler area,
make a stop here!! YUMMY

This tree is in the back of Joes! It is HUGE!!
It covers the whole sitting area!!! There is just
one catch ( refer to next picture) LOL

This sign is posted on all sides of the tree! HAHA!
Needless to say we avoided being too far under
the tree!! YIKES!

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