Wednesday, August 20, 2008

So it begins....Again

School YIpee!!! Talia has started 9th grade ugh! Cayden and Taylor will start on Monday the 25th.  Ive heard a few uneasy things about Taylor's teacher, and hope they are wrong. We shall see. Cayden has a great teacher, but is a little disappointed. He likes the one he has but would prefer another one that is supposedly funnier. My girlfriend and I have totally slacked on the gym. Maybe slacked is the wrong word. July was crazy, and August has been about the same, so the gym has been put on back burner until monday. Im excited to get back! 
One thing I am relieved about is finding Caydens baptism date. Its a really long story so here is the shorter version. 
Cayden was baptized 3 yrs ago, at his dad's ward. Well come to find out ( ONLY because I had the records sent to my ward about 6 months ago) that whoever was supposed to enter his baptism in the records....didnt! Nice dont ya think. Anywho, I have been going crazy trying to remember when he was baptized. The problem being, Cayden had to wait for his dad to be able to do the job. So it was not around his birthday. I was not given the certificate, his dad was.  And of course he cant find it. Now after 4 months of constant harassing from me, he still has not found it or spoken to anyone from the ward or stake. So I take it upon myself to call Caydens old primary pres. and OH MY GOSH!!!! She has his program saved on her computer!!!!
YEAH!!! Now the killer thing is, maybe ironic is a better word, she tell me the date and I realize  that he was baptized the SAME weekend that Mark and I were sealed. LOL Seriously!!!!! MY BRAIN IS SO........UGH!!!! How I did not remember this, is beyond me. Its all in my journal. HAHA! The important thing is that now when he turns 12 in Feb. He can be ordained. It makes my stomach turn to realize that this would have never been known if I had kept the records at his dad's ward. PHEW!! So BAD! Talyor is turning 8 in Dec, so we were going to have her wait until Feb. for family to be able to attend both occasions. That would have been terrible to find out then. It was such a blessing to discover this now. Life is crazy !!!! Someday things will slow down .... right????

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