Monday, July 7, 2008

Time to move on

So Mark and I decided with the economy as it is, and the counsel to be debt free that we have been hearing for as long as I can remember, to sell our house. Im torn on how I feel about it. Im heart broken because I LOVE our ward. I have such close friends here. Our house is unique,which I love. This is where Mark and I were married. So many things have happened since then. 
On the other hand Im excited. To be nearly debt free ( depends on the amount we sell), or completely debt free. What a feeling. To move to a neighborhood that has more kids my childrens age. There are a few here but most are younger. One thing that drives me crazy about this area is the lack of sidewalks. Especially since we are a corner house. My kids really cant play outside our yard. Since we have decided to rent for a little while, not having to pay property taxes, or be responsible for fixing problems that arise in the house. Yippee!! 
Right now we are working on finishing projects not quite complete. Im packing everything not absolutely necessary. 
Im not quite sure where we will decide to move. A lot depends on whats available when the house sells. Mark goes all over for his job, so that isnt a huge factor, although he may not completely agree. I would like to be closer to Talia, who lives in Orem. However Orem is not even an option. Im not a fan. I think Lehi would be the farthest we would go. But again who knows. I will keep you posted on any news. Wish us luck

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Tina said...

I just can't picture Murray without you there!!! But I understand the desire to be debt-free! I hope it sells quickly and for as much as you need. Take lots of pictures before you go--of all your favorite little spots and things. Those are the things that you'll remember--the things that made a house your home. Love ya!